Stanwell Park Eco Centre

The vision of the Stanwell Park Eco Centre is to create a sustainability hub in the northern Illawarra area with a focus on food security, community resilience and innovation.

In a time where there is so much uncertainty in food supply chains, increased job insecurity and social isolation, the aim of our social enterprise is to:

  1. Demonstrate best practices in developing a scalable, repeatable model for localised community gardening projects
  2. Upskill our community, empowering members with the tools and knowledge to grow their own food and reduce their food miles
  3. Increase community safety and resilience through environmental workshops and training (both online and onsite in future)
  4. Create a space for innovative businesses or sustainability related start-ups to demonstrate or test sustainable food production solutions
  5. Partner with affiliated organisations and sponsors in supporting the long term viability of locally produced, sustainable gardening.

The site is situated next to a council owned Stanwell Park Children’s Centre and by increasing a community presence on site there will be more passive community surveillance of this area. The site will also be well structured and maintained, providing an aesthetically pleasing frontage that will include a range of native plant species to attract native birds and grow native food for harvest and a peaceful place to visit.

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