Public Health – Drug and Alcohol Nowra
Nowra, NSW
In progress
Contact Person:
Brett Sherson
Project Team:
Brett Sherson; Igor Alves.

Public Health – Drug and Alcohol Nowra

SA was engaged by Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District to design a new 2 storey Drug and Alcohol Unit in Nowra. The service will be used provide specialist treatment for people with drug and alcohol addiction and include consulting and treatment spaces for adults and adolescents.


Having several counselling and clinical rooms will greatly facilitate the delivery of specialised treatment. These rooms can be designed to ensure privacy and create a comfortable and supportive environment for patients during therapy sessions. It is essential to provide a space where individuals feel safe and are encouraged to openly discuss their struggles and receive the help they need. It is important to ensure that the layout and flow of the facility allow for efficient and discreet movement of patients and staff. Additionally, incorporating elements of natural light and soothing colours have been selected to contribute to a healing and therapeutic atmosphere.