Green Square HealthOne

Team 2 as commissioned Architect, images prepared by Team 2 : Brett Sherson supported Team 2 architects on the design of a new HealthOne building at Green Square in Sydney. HealthOne NSW aims to create a stronger and more efficient primary health care system by bringing Commonwealth-funded general practice and state-funded primary and community health care services together.

  1. The 5 key objectives of the healthOne are; Prevent illness and reduce the risk and impact of disease and disability
  2. Improve chronic disease management in the community
  3. Reduce avoidable admissions (and unnecessary demand for hospital care)
  4. Improve service access and health outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups
  5. Build a sustainable model of health care delivery

The project is located on the corner of Bourke street and Portman Avenue in Sydney and will consist of 2 levels offering a mix of clinical functions including mental health services for adults and children, pathology and allied health services.